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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Newbie Blog Hop


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Like many of my fello newbies...I am amazed at the number of teachers blogging and sharing ideas.  I've learned so much in the last few weeks and can't wait for school to start so that I can start using some of it. So, here is my info
1. I teach in Cape Coral Fl.
2. My position in August will be a new one.  I will be the K-2 ESE co-teacher and K-5 RTI Tier 3 support.
3. I've spent the last 24 years teaching 1-3 in all sorts of combinations - multi-age, gen ed, co-taught classroom, ESOL cluster, and Intensive Reading.  I've loved all of them and am looking forward to a new experience in August.
4. I started my blog in the middle of June 2012.
5. My blogging tip is the same as Janis....turn off word verification. In fact, I posted about this just the other day.  Go to Dashboard.  Go to Settings (on the left below layout).  Next to Word Verification, click to drop down and check no.  Save settings.  Yeah...now bloggers will enjoy visiting and leaving comments.


  1. Thanks for following me! I also like finding other special ed teachers! It sounds like you will be busy in your new position!

    Teaching Special Kids

  2. I think I will...but right now I don't think anyone knows for sure how it is all going to work together. At least I know it won't be boring - LOL. I hope you got here in time to enter my giveaway. :)

  3. Thanks for joining the Newbie Blog Hop! It's fun connecting and giving support to one another! Thanks for echoing my tip! :) You were wise to show just how easy it is!

    Grade Three is the Place for Me

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following you, too! We just got from Florida this week! :)

    First with Franklin

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  7. Thanks for following my blog! I'm your newest follower too!

    Teach on a Limb

  8. I just nominated you for an award! Come on by and pick it up:)

    Kelly Teach

  9. your blog is so stinkin cute! I LOVE it!!!! :) I can't wait to look at all of your awesome posts!

  10. Thanks. I hope you find lots of helpful ideas. I look forward to learning lots from you.

  11. Glad I found you Amy! I used to live in Alva which is a small place out of Fort Myers! :)
    I am your newest follower!
    Learning 4 Keeps

  12. So can we just talk about how jealous I am? I <3 Lee County because of Sanibel and Captiva. For my 30th birthday, I took a vacation to Captiva by myself. What a beautiful part of Florida you live in!

  13. I spent the 4th of July out in Alva with some friends. It is pretty...I just wish there were mountains as well.

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am popping by to see yours, especially since we are kind of teaching neighbors! Enjoy the last couple of days until we run back on Aug. 1.

  15. One quick question - how did you make the text part under the Grab My Button? When I do it, I just get another button picture. LOL

  16. Danielle...I have absolutely no idea - LOL. My blog design was created and installed by Dreamlike Magic. I tried doing it myself, but got too aggravated. At the time, I didn't know about all of the tutorials out there. Try googling "How to create a button for blogger". Good Luck

  17. Hi Amy!
    Thanks for visiting me, so I could find you! I dislike that word verification thing and found out I was a culprit of using it!! Thanks for the tip! I'm a new follower!

  18. Oh yeah, I was just in your area visiting the islands!

  19. Thanks for following! I'm your newest follower.


    Surfing to Success

  20. Your blog is adorable! I'm glad we're following one another! :)

  21. Lisa...Me too. I love finding new blogs and having new followers. The more the merrier.
    Mrs. Brinn....were you visiting Sanibel/Captiva? That is very close to where I live.

  22. Your job sounds like being pulled in a million directions! Impressive! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower!

    Mrs. T
    Teaching Mrs.T

  23. Amy I love your blog colors!! So bright and cheerful! And just a sidenote... I wanted to move to Lee county FL a few years ago so I am just a little jealous ;) I am your newest follower!
    Third Grade Tidbits

  24. So glad we found one another's blogs. Yours is adorable.
    -JaiBright Concepts 4 Teachers me

  25. Thanks for following everyone. I look forward to learning and "borrowing" ideas in the upcoming year.

  26. I'm not sure if I have the verification checked on or not so thanks for the reminder. I will go double check and make sure it is off because that does bother me when I have to try and figure out what the letters are to type in.
    I am a new follower. Come by my site sometime and see my small little blog.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  27. Amy,

    New follower here. I love the blog tip! A few people have mentioned it, but no one I've seen so far has described how to do it. Thanks so much. If you have a bit of time, head on over and check out my blog. So great to meet you!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  28. I just found your blog through the newbie blog hop and I am your newest follower!! It is so cute!! I would love for you to visit when you have a chance.

    Mrs. Wood's Class