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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Changes + Daily 5 = An EXCITING New Year!

This summer has brought a lot of changes.  I just started back to school.  I am working on a Master's in Reading.  I loved the first class (Foundations in Reading) and am looking forward to the next one. I am also making a professional change.  I left the regular classroom last year and taught K-2 ESE Co-Taught.  I loved working with my kids and enjoyed the opportunity to go into different classrooms.  I was all set to do the same thing again, when I attended a training on Reading Street and Common Core.  I sat in class for three days feeling sorry for myself because the pendulum had finally swung back to thematic teaching and I was going to miss out because I didn't have my own classroom.  So, I finally called my principal to see if there were any openings.  She had just gotten another second grade unit and would put me in there if I wanted.  I was thrilled that I was going to have my own classroom, but a little sad that I would be leaving my ESE babies.  Then, a week later, I found out that there was an opening for a K-1 Intensive Academics teacher at my school.  Once again, I talked to my principal (who is AMAZING by the way) and she moved me to that position.  Now, I have the best of both worlds - I have my own class and I'm still in ESE.  I can't wait to start the year.

I had already decided that I wanted to implement the Daily 5 after reading all about it on other blogs.  I had a pretty good idea about what it would look like in second grade.  However, now that I am going to be in a K-1 classroom, I am not so sure.  I think the first graders will be fine with it, but I am concerned about the kinders.  If anyone out there in Blogworld has used Daily 5 with Kindergarten, I would love to hear about your experiences, especially what did and didn't work.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Amy,

    That sounds so exciting! I teach third grade, but I have some of my coworkers use Daily Five in their kindergarten classrooms. I'll have to see if I can find anything out from them.

    I'd love for your to hop over and check out my blog!


  2. Hi Jillian,
    I would love to hear about how your coworkers use Daily 5. I am on my way over to check out your blog.

  3. I've done centers with Kinder. I used the Daily 5 themes, but assigned the groups; I didn't get students the choice that Daily 5 recommends. I had 2-3 students per center. My centers were Read to Self, Work on Words (which was ABC letters), Work on Writing (which was printing; we did Writer's Workshop later in the day), Listen to Reading (on a CD), and Computers. I had two "teacher" centers, an aide and myself, where we met with 10-12 kids a rotation. We did two rotations and students visited one of the centers each day over the week.

    I had a velcro chart that I can map out for you, if you'd like. I may have a photo of it, but would need to dig for it on my computer.

    What I Have Learned

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